Well, here goes nothing!

I think I’ve started writing this post at least 5 million times, but that’s just a rough guess.

Starting a blog has been on my mind for a while, but I’ve always made an excuse as to why I shouldn’t.  They were never good reasons, but they left me with just enough doubt to put it off. Finally, I had a dream one night about how amazing it would be to have an outlet to talk about what’s on my mind and all the things I love.  So here I am. Ready to allow myself to be vulnerable with all of you!

I won’t claim to always explain myself in the most polished fashion, but I do promise to be genuine.  I really want to start this blog to discuss my journey as a person, talk about health/wellness ideas and products I have learned about via the internet or my obsession with podcasts, and hear from all of you and what you want to read about.

So before I ramble on and on, here’s what I’m all about:

  • Sharing my wellness journey
  • Products I enjoy
  • Self love
  • Open conversation

Things I’m not about:

  • Telling you how to live your life
  • Negative energy

As you can tell I’m not super complicated. I just wanted Happy.Whole.Healthy to be a space where ideas and opinions are shared in a productive way that we can all learn from. After all, we can all learn so much from each other.  Just remember, all of my opinions are my own so take them at your own discretion.  So let’s learn and grow together!