Quit your boochin’ and drink up: Why I brew and drink kombucha

Kombucha. At this point it’s become a mainstream drink that comes in all varieties at the grocery store. However, there is still a lot to be learned about this tangy tea and the potential health benefits it may have.  Not many studies have been done over the years, but there are articles out there that have suggested that it maid aid in digestion (thanks probiotics!), and may even have anti-microbial properties against potential pathogens (aka the bacteria that will make you sick). This sounds all fine and dandy, but until more investigation is done (which I’m eagerly waiting for) we have to take this information with a grain of salt. 

So why do I drink kombucha if I’m not sold on the health benefits?

First and foremost, I think it’s delicious. What better reason to drink something? I’ve never liked soda or many other drinks other than of water, but this fermented tea tantalizes my taste buds.  I’m not going to lie, the first time I tried it the thought of drinking the bacteria that lurks at the bottom of the bottle freaked me out.  However, I gave it a whirl and the rest is history. Also, even though there isn’t research to back it up, based on my experience, kombucha is great to help get your digestion going when you feel a little……..bloated. Trust me.

Unfortunately, if you want to drink kombucha more than a couple times a week, it adds up.  Ranging from about 2.50-5.00 dollars a bottle, kombucha is definitely not the most cost effective drink out there. I knew there had to be a way to reduce my overall kombucha budget.  That’s where I got the idea to home brew.  Investing in proper equipment and a healthy SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) can be a small investment, but over time you can go from paying 2.50-5.00 a bottle to roughly 0.12 cents. Who doesn’t love saving money?

Thanks to the internet I found The Kombucha Shop.  They have excellent starter kits so I bought one and got started.  This starter kit is a fantastic gateway into brewing and comes with a step-by-step guide to guide you.  I, however, was having a difficult time keeping a consistent temperature, so I did purchase a warming belt to help keep my booch a cozy 78 degrees all the time.  Brewing is almost fool proof thanks to its naturally low pH which makes pathogenic bacteria and mold have a hard time growing. You just need to clean your utensils (no anti-bacterial soap) and the patience to wait for your brew to reach your desired taste. Plus, it’s a fun hobby to have! I love sharing my finished batches with family and friends.  My latest flavors have been blackberry mint (amazing) and raspberry peach.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start brewing!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!


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